Larry Long Trucking - hauling shredded steel and aluminum, feed, fertilizer, Meramec River sand and gravel to Missouri, Arkansas, Texas, Kansas, Oklahoma, Illinois, and Indiana
  Larry Long Trucking - Hauling Meramec River materials, crushed gravel, landscaping rock, masonry sand, and agricultural products.   See our rock, gravel, sand, aggregates, fertilizer, and agricultural materials.   Hauling and dump-trucking scrap steel and aluminum, sand, gravel, rock, and agricultural products to Missouri, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Mississippi, Tennessee, Illionos, Iowa, and Indiana.   Links to landscaping contractors, concrete products, and nursery companies.   Contact Larry Long for your scrap metal, raw aggregate, and agricultural hauling/dump trucking needs.  


A Missouri-based sand, gravel, and rock hauling truck company

For over 24 years, Larry Long Trucking has been hauling gravel, sand, aggregates, and landscaping rock to customers all over the mid-west. Here on my website, you'll find the specialty sands, crushed rock, washed creek gravel, and agricultural products I haul and deliver both locally and long distance to various destinations in the Central Plains.

Customers of my quality raw materials include landscaping contractors, tree and plant nurseries, concrete product manufacturers, road and bridge construction companies, asphalt contractors, farmers, steel plants, and foundries.

Iron Mountain and Meramec River Products

Dredged from the Meramec River near St. Louis, Missouri, Meramec Rock and Sand is a high grade, high quality sand that is an excellent choice for all sand applications. Iron Mountain Trap rock from Iron Mountain, Missouri, is extremely hard and durable, and is used for landscaping, bridge decking, and chip sealing roads. CLICK HERE for a listing of the products Larry Long Trucking has to offer.


39-foot end-dump truck and trailer rig photo
Larry's 39' end-dump semi-truck

Larry Long Trucking employs a 1999 International tractor pulling a 39-foot end-dump. The primary business of Larry Long Trucking is hauling shred steel and aluminium, landscaping rock, feed and fertilizer, and supplying asphalt plants with raw materials. CLICK HERE to contact Larry Long today and discuss your trucking needs directly with the owner.


Larry has been trucking since 1990. For over 25 years, he has hauled raw materials and scrap metals both locally and long distance. He is based south of Mountain Grove near Drury, Missouri.


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